What is OOTF? 
The Ohio Olmstead Task Force is a grassroots 
coalition of people with disabilities of all ages, family
members, advocates and organizations advocating 
together for the right to live, work  and participate in
their communities
Our Mission is to advocate for life in the community with
dignity and justice for Ohioans with disabilities.
Our Vision is that Ohioans with disabilities shall have: 
Opportunity  to live independently with the power to choose and keep their own possessions; 
Access to services and supports that are inclusive, integrated and tailored to their unique needs; 
Authority to choose and direct their services and supports; 
Respect from the employees of government and private agencies who provide their services and supports. 
The OOTF and other groups helped to write and update Ohio Access, Ohio's plan to improve long-term services and supports for people with disabilities. Ohio 
The OOTF advocates for people with disabilities of all ages to live, work, and participate in community life. 
Who are the Members of OOTF?
People with disabilities of all ages, family members and more than 20 organizations and agencies are members of the OOTF.  They include most of the major groups in Ohio that advocate for, serve and support individuals of all ages with disabilities. 

 Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

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